CEOs as Leaders of People – Innovation Culture

FranBy Fran Chuan & Agustin Ramos
Revolutions start with people. Cultures start with Leaders. All great leaders have an empowering and motivating vision. A vision is like a lighthouse that guides the people through the journey, also in stormy weather, transmitting to them a desire to make the journey, arrive to the desired end and become part of a winning team. Developing and communicating this vision is a critical first step in the journey towards innovation, and then defining the focus and the rules, allowing experimentation, rewarding learning (also from failures), not allowing mediocrity, holding the people accountable and providing them the tools that will make the journey more effective and enjoyable.

An academic approach to learning from previous experiences in other companies will help set up the base. Involving consultants to provide supporting seminars on creativity, on enrolling the organization into the journey to a new culture, providing personal and group coaching if needed, are tools within the reach of the CEOs and Management Teams to increase the effectiveness of the change in culture. CEOs can therefore provide these tools to take along the journey to change.

In conclusion, many companies claim that people are their most valuable asset. At the same time, many of them also forget about people when making the commitment to become innovative. Leading people into a motivating journey towards creative ways of working, treating them with respect, making them accountable for results and providing them the tools to make the journey fascinating will help CEOs bring the discipline of innovation into their companies and achieve better business results in a faster changing world.


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