Leadership Agenda for Innovation

MikkelThe critical ingredient is to have the entire organization on the same page on why, how, and where the company needs to innovate and to do that in a way that motivates people, energizes the teams, and leaves lots of initiative to the organization. The innovation agenda doesn’t need to be complicated. But it needs to be rich in content and to be consistent and inspiring.
Setting a leadership agenda for innovation has benefits:
• It becomes easier to prioritize and focus your innovation investments on fewer, more significant projects.
• You can free cash and cut complexity by eliminating conflicting innovation agendas internally.
• You can speed up your time to market considerably because your teams are better in sync from R&D to marketing.
• It becomes easier to measure innovation impact.
Many of the highest performing innovators in the world all seem to follow this logic. Top 50 companies have introduced products, services, and customer experiences with a very strong and coherent idea—or governing principle—behind them. It becomes clear that most of these companies are on a quest to achieve something very specific and special whether it’s transforming business services (IBM), redefining how people access information (Google), creating the next-generation green vehicle (Toyota), or pushing the performance boundaries of athletes (Nike).


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