The 6 Core Values of Innovation for Leaders

Jeff de Cagna

The six core values of innovation help leaders spark a deeper passion for the work of innovation among potential contributors. The core values should imbue the pursuit of innovation with meaning beyond the goal of creating cool, new products and services. They are a powerful wellspring of purpose for making innovation an organizational priority.
1. Capability (strategic value)—Innovation is about building stronger and more capable organizations. Building a capacity for innovation requires an intelligent, strategic and disciplined approach.
2. Inclusivity (technological value)—Innovation is an intrinsically social and collaborative process, i.e., everyone has a role to play. Web technologies enable open and distributed participation on a global scale.
3. Possibility (cultural value)—Possibilities are the precious fruits of the human imagination. Innovation fully embraces the discovery of what is possible for our organizations, even if it involves risk and failure.
4. Opportunity (intellectual value)—Through the application of experience and knowledge, the human intellect identifies and shapes innovation opportunities in ways that enable action.
5. Sustainability (financial value)—Innovation can create a sustainable future for organizations, and the work of innovation itself must be made sustainable through the consistent and well-paced investment of resources.
6. Responsibility (leadership value)—Innovation is a critical element of responsible stewardship for leaders who must be vigilant for the health and well-being of their organizations.

By Jeff De Cagna


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