Innovation Culture in the Organization

Barriers to InnovationEmployees need a common vocabulary on innovation. Everyone has their own definition of innovation depending on their role, the level and the exposure they had on innovation.

To address this, these four specific tactics should be used.

  1. Statement of Leaders: Leaders should always support innovation. They should share their views and stories on innovation.
  2. Encouraging Behaviors: This can be achieved by defining carefully designed Rewards and Recognition programs: for best rated ideas, best approved ideas, best implemented ideas, ideas appreciated by clients, highest innovation progress and value of innovation impact.
  3. Demonstrating Benefits: This is hard. The first barrier is to change the mindset towards what was innovation and what was not. The second barrier is arriving at an impact. Every innovation is unique and there is no simple, right way to calculate the impact. Some innovations provide tangible and many innovations deliver intangible benefits. Come up with a simple method to calculate the innovation impact. When people start seeing the benefits of their innovations, they will be convinced.
  4. Actions of Peers: Enterprises thrive in right amount of pressure and competition. Once an innovation index is published to the innovation community, everyone will start comparing theirs with others. They will take note of what others are doing differently and set a stage for healthy competition.

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