What do I do to be an Innovation Leader?

Article 3 - 29 AprThere are many moves you can make to help yourself BE an Innovation Leader. So many, in fact, that with so much variability based upon unique life pattern and personality that we may be doing a disservice by even trying to name a few. The answer is in asking the questions. So ask the questions…start now! Develop a plan. Review regularly.

Some things to play with:

  • Practice approaching conversations with the idea that the greater wisdom is in the person you are talking to. It’s your job to bring it forth. Ask yourself, “Am I listening or waiting to speak?” The former will help you find their wisdom. The latter will help build your ego, and not much else.
  • Invite and reinforce feedback from others, even if it is painful. One person we know never gave a first pay raise to employees until they challenged his opinion or thinking in some way.
  • As we move through our days, each of us has moments of frustration. We’re trying to get something done, and something or somebody impedes us. Notice it. Label it as “I’m allowing myself to feel frustrated” and avoid “That’s making me frustrated” or “He/she is making me frustrated.” Then recognize that your thinking is causing the frustration, ask where the frustration is coming from. It’s a story of some sort in your mind, and stories can be changed. Change it, then put the energy that was being drained by being frustrated into finding a way over, under or around the resistance.
  • On your commute home from work each day, review the day, and ask yourself “What good questions did I ask today?” “What opportunities to learn did I let pass me by because I wasn’t awake enough at the moment to see them?” “Where could I have been more mature, or emotionally intelligent than I was today, and what can I do tomorrow to rectify it?”

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