How To Enable innovation

ECI - Article 1 - 19 AprToday, the responsibility for innovation is typically delegated to R&D, specialists or top talent. We can change all that in 5 ways:
  1. Expand innovation from a specialized skill to a core competency every person can learn and practice. Yet, putting the power of innovation into the hands of every person is a big responsibility. That’s why we need to deepen the basis of innovation with human values and heightening it with wholistic versatility.
  2. Bring people together through a common understanding, language and set of processes that anyone can use, no matter how diverse their skills and responsibilities.
  3. Realize that innovation is both an art and a discipline and that being innovative can be a natural part of your day-to-day work.
  4. Focus on producing innovative results in your everyday work. It starts with setting a goal or purpose and ends with innovative achievement and new learning while practicing human values and wholistic versatility all along the way.
  5. Realize that you can innovate in many ways. Develop a new product or service or discover a unique way to strengthen your brand. Improve the quality of your everyday work processes or help others develop their talents and create new knowledge. You might new leadership approaches, new culture initiatives or new business model.

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