“Bring Innovation Alive”

“Innovation is not the product of logical thought, although the result is tied to logical structure.”

-Albert Einstein

“Bring Innovation Alive”, is a 2-day workshop by Essae Chandran Institute which will aim at providing the knowledge, skills and insights you need to be a role model for innovation in your company. The workshop will be held on 16th and 17th May, 2013.

This 2-day workshop will strengthen your ability to sponsor and sustain a climate for innovation by giving you the know-how to enable innovation in your everyday work challenges.

If you are a CEO, CXO or a key stake holder in your organisation and want to know what a leader can do?

  • · A leader can, Demystify Innovation & Utilize a Universal Framework for Innovation.

There are myths about innovation that must be demystified in order to put the power and responsibility of innovation into the hands of every person. As you demystify innovation and promote a universal framework and language for innovation – used across departments, functions, specialties and client relationship – you will lay a strong foundation for innovation to thrive in your organization.

  • · A leader can, Stimulate innovative thinking using four distinct Innovation Styles

The use of four distinct strategies of innovative thinking – known as Innovation Styles® – can stimulate a more creative and comprehensive set of innovative solutions to daily work challenges. This workshop will give you personal feedback on your tendencies related to these Innovation Styles® as well as ways to apply the styles to stimulate innovative thinking with your colleagues, direct reports and clients.

  • · A leader can, be a role-model who fosters a climate for innovation

The “climate” for innovation is the set of values and competencies specific to innovation embodied by group members and influenced by its leaders. This workshop will include a self-assessment and personal feedback on your confidence to practice eight competencies known to foster a climate for innovation.

  • A leader can, promote “innovation with a conscience”

The call today is not just for more innovation, but for innovation that is motivated to achieve more consistently beneficial outcomes: innovation with a conscience.

  • A leader can, prioritize the organization’s most urgent needs for innovation

Sponsoring innovation means more than producing innovative new products or processes. It requires promoting and enabling innovation across five domains:

  • Top-line innovation that aims to optimize revenues and growth
  • Mid-line innovation that aims to optimize productivity, quality, time and costs
  • Knowledge and talent innovation that aims to strengthen talent, knowledge and wisdom
  • Organization innovation that aims to inspire and guide organization-wide decisions
  • Stakeholder innovation that aims to create synergy with external stakeholders

Essae Chandran Institute brings you the real world Innovation experts from Values centred innovation, , a global enterprise that enables individuals, groups and organizations to innovate to their highest human capacity

The workshop will be handled by two experts William Miller and Debra Miller who will guide you to foster innovation throughout your organisation and how it can all start with you!

About the Experts

William C Miller is one of the top 30 thought-leaders in the world and has been internationally recognised expert on values centered corporate innovation for over 25 years now. He is a man of creative ideas and has been the president of Global Creativity Corporation since 1987. With his creative and entrepreneur skills, he has authored four books and two of which are in the top 30 books on business. He has worked with companies like, ACC Cement, AT&T, Chevron, Disney Institute, Du- Pont, Eli Lilly, Exxon Chemical, Ford Motor, HCL Technologies, HP, IBM, Infosys, Hut, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Kraft Foods and Motorola who was his few clients.

Debra R Miller is a business and management expert who has hands on experience and holds various corporate portfolios like, managing software development, managing accounting functions, and she is an author of numerous books, articles and white paper projects. Debra Miller is an expert in the subjects like business coaching, spirituality and leadership, personal growth, human values in the workplace, and innovation enablement.  In the early 1990s, Debra founded Masterful Mission, a business coaching organization working with executives, business owners and entrepreneurs. Through her work and public speaking she helped to pioneer the now-popular concept of business coaching. Debra Miller has worked with corporations around the world including these organizations in India: Nokia India, ACC Cement Company, Infosys Technologies, L&T Integrated Engineering Services, and Aon Hewitt India.

Essae Chandran Institute (ECI)

Essae Chandran Institute (ECI) contributes significantly and meaningfully to the growth and development of individuals and organization, through Education and Training, with the focus in the area of Quality, Productivity and Development of Human Potential.

Inspired by the ideology and philosophy of Japanese management and Industrial Success, Shri Essae Chandran and Dr.G.K.Valecha combined their efforts towards creating an Institute in 1985 that would be responsive to the present and future needs of Indian society and industry so as to contribute to Individual and Organizational Progress, Happiness and Prosperity.

Essae Chandran Institute (ECI) strives to have a balance of academic thought, philosophy and theory with pragmatic application of result-oriented techniques, tools, methods and practices.

Details of the workshop

Date: 16th-17th May 2013

Venue: Essae Chandran Institute

410, 100 feet road, 4th Block,

Koramangala, Bengaluru-34

Timings: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Investment: Rs 21,500/- (Inclusive of service tax)

Contact: info@eci.co.in

+91 97390 94072


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