Innovation In The Work-Place

Article 1 - 15 AprEvery person has the potential to be innovative.
Every person has the capacity to think innovatively.
Every person has the capability to do their work innovatively.
What’s important is to develop that potential, capacity and ability and focus it on what really matters.
Innovation means much more than just coming up with creative ideas. Those ideas have to be put to work to produce tangible and intangible benefits.
Today, the need to be innovative and to think and act innovatively is becoming a core competency for everyone, rather than a specialized skill meant for R&D departments.
Our current innovation methodologies have equipped us well but can only take us so far. To innovate to our greatest capacity, we have to reach higher and deeper. To reach deeper, we must tap into the values that energize, motivate and guide our work. To reach higher, we must practice wholistic versatility: seeing the whole while managing the parts.
If you want to be an Innovation Leader in your organization, do take a look at our workshop:

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